Oreo Truffles with a twist.


  I cannot tell you how delicious these Oreo truffles are, with the richness of the chocolate milk, just transfers it to a whole new level of indulgences, let alone the fillings that I chose here. You can stick to the original recipe, but here is a slight twist. Let’s get on with recipe.


The ingredients:

A whole packet of Oreo cookies (64 cookies)

300 g of cream cheese in room temperature


For the filling:

12 pieces of mini Kinder eggs

10 pieces of Chocolate filled with caramel


For the coating:

600 g of Chocolate milk

1 teaspoon of vegetable oil or butter


For the topping:


1-   Process the Oreo cookies until you have fine crumbs, then mix in the cream cheese. Put it in the fridge for 20 min.

2-   Start shaping small balls (for the regular Oreo truffles), and make a slightly bigger ball and fill it with the Kinder and Caramel Chocolate, or you can choose what ever you like.

3-   Put the truffles in the fridge for another 20 min, and at the meantime melt the milk chocolate with oil in a double boiler.

4-   Start dipping your truffles in the melted chocolate, and don’t forget to sprinkle over the toppings to stick on the chocolate before it’s hardened.

5-   Put it back in the fridge for 30 min, and then enjoy.


Makes 36 Oreo truffles with fillings, and more or less depend on what size you prefer.